Things to do in Destin

Harry T's Lighthouse photo used with permission from the

Harry T’s Lighthouse photo used with permission from

Here are some great resources to help you discover Destin’s endless delights:

  • Top 10 Things to Do in Destin, Trip Advisor. You’ll find many more than just 10 ideas here! This list includes outdoor activities, sights and landmarks, shopping and more.
  • Best Things to Do in Destin, U.S. News and World Report. Here you’ll discover things to do, like the best time to visit including annual temperatures. You can even do a quick price check on airfare.
  • Top 5 Things to Do in Destin, Travel Channel. This short video highlights the best of Destin, e.g., the endless opportunities for fishing and golfing.
  • Find Your Perfect Beach in Destin and Six Tips for Parasailing in Destin, The Good Life Destin. These are two great resources from a Destin resident and blogger.
  • Official City of Destin website. Destin’s many parks are listed here, and there’s a helpful FAQ page that answers questions like “Can I take my dog on the beach?” and “Are fireworks allowed on the beach?”

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